greenhorn noun

  1. (mostly US) an inexperienced person; a novice, beginner or newcomer

I’ve started interning for Kamala at Guilford Gardens in Oklahoma City. I’ve been daydreaming of being a market gardener, so instead of diving right in—as I am inclined to do—I decided to make sure my romanticized notions of farming aren’t entirely misplaced.

Week 1 (4/23/2009): grand tour, harvested arugula, watered rows of lettuce seedlings, created Kamala’s blog in exchange for roses, lettuce, arugula, and kale.

Week 2 (4/30): Weeded a portion of the 300 tomato plants in the greenhouse. It was pretty mucky from all the rain. I was communing with the roly-polies and ladybugs while we worshiped the mud. Unfortunately, some sacrificial roly-polies were pinched along with the weeds.
I brought home a quart of creamy parsnip soup, purple asparagus, chard, and spinach. Is this a great gig, or what?!
I really need some overalls. Seems like it doesn’t matter what pants I’m wearing, after enough crouching and bending, my crack inevitably starts showing. Oh, and I never thought I’d say this: I could also use some Crocs. After tonight I see the value in a  washable shoe that easily slips on and off. I need a flexible sole, though. Any thoughts?

Week 3 (5/7): Planted four rows of pole beans, four rows of bush beans, and four rows of cucumbers. My hamstrings are sore! I got delicious leftovers from Kamala’s Asian cooking class and a trash bag full of fresh-cut baby lettuce.

Week 4 (5/14): What a treat! No garden work because I was invited to attend Slow Food OKC‘s Annual Wine, Cheese and Cured Meats of the World event.  This year we journeyed to France for vin, fromage et charcuterie. The variety of cheese and meat, their textures and flavors, presented an adventure in eating. The setting was wonderful: delicious new foods, friendly people, beautiful surroundings.

Week 5 (5/21): Wasn’t able to go help in the gardens. I was stuck at my day job until late.

Week 6 (5/28): Followed Kamala around while she tended to Mason. We talked about her background, passions, farming, food, and houses. It was a beautiful evening and I got to learn a lot about her.

Week 7 (6/4): Weeded 2.5 rows of eggplant. The eggplant was nearly inundated, so it was a lot of work. And I was sore. What the heck?! Sore from weeding? Makes me feel old. I took home some lettuce and fresh-picked tomatoes. First tomatoes of the season!

Week 8 (6/11): I didn’t get to work at Kam’s since I was out of town for a work conference.

Week 9 (6/18): Harvested onions. I’m guessing I harvested about 40 lbs., and I made only a dent! I took home my first CSA order and pot de creme. Yum!
guilford garden CSA share 6/18pots de creme

Week  10 (6/25): Planted 108 squash plants and about 20 New Zealand spinach plants. I took home potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, some leftover guacamole, pico de gallo, a hunk of No Name Ranch meat, mashed potatoes, and asparagus. Yummm.

Week 11 (7/2): Watered and cleaned out ornamental beds. Planted about twenty basil plants. Harvested banana peppers and eggplant. I took home a CSA share (potatoes, onions, cantaloupe, kale, lettuce, tomatoes), leftover pork, mashed potatoes, and beef. A-mazing.

Week 12 (7/9/09): Picked up Kamala’s tomatoes from the OSU-OKC farmers’ market, harvested beets, got an update of the garden’s status, including the worm composting. Took home a CSA share (onions, chard, beets, tomatoes, cantaloupe, lettuce).

Summer is waning and my weekly gardening experience at Guilford Gardens has come to a close. Work is picking up at the office and I need all the free time I can get. Thanks, Kamala, for letting me learn at your beautiful urban farm. I’ll still be blogging for Kamala, so you can still see what’s going on at Guilford Gardens and Kam’s Kookery.

One thought on “Greenhorn

  1. LMAO at the overalls, one of the greatest mysteries SOLVED. Why farmers wear overalls! I love it and love your writings Tricia. Keep it up! Happy New Year

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