About Tricia

img_1740Some sweaty June day in my happy little kitchen

For me, cooking is therapy; I enjoy whiling away hours in the kitchen. Growing up, I never thought I’d be one of those people, but as it turns out, I am. If I’m cranky or feeling restless, making a big ol’ mess in the kitchen soothes me. Food motivates me like little else does — and in ways other than eating. What’s a sure-fire way to make myself get out of bed in the morning? Start a stock pot before bedtime and in the morning I’ll cheerfully rise (without hitting snooze even once!) to go tend to it.

I started this blog in August 2007 as a way to explore my growing interest in all things food: cooking, baking, preserving, eating, shopping, food culture and traditions, endangered food ways, farming, ranching, etc.

Thanks for stopping in.
Get in touch: tricia (at) oklavore (dot) com.

This Oklavore is:
a fiery redhead.
a reluctant meat-eater.
a list-maker.
an occasional contradiction.
a domestic goddess in training.
a work in progress.
fried eggs
cafeteria food
baked goods
apples + peanut butter
ice cream
kitchen adventures
celery slices suspended in Jello
red wine
manual can openers
fresh-picked lettuce
old kitchen wares

canned peas
sweet wine
soggy bread

“oklavore” is a service mark of Tricia Dameron.


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