Rotten Radishes, Or a Learning Experience

hearty radish
fermented radishes

My first batch of fermented radishes was delicious — crisp, savory, flavorful. I followed this recipe and the general fermenting tenets I’ve gleaned from reading Sandor Katz. I was looking forward to building on, or at least replicating, that success with my second batch; however, the slices turned to mush and have a faint unpleasant odor.  I think my first misstep was using radishes that were past their prime, which is doubly sad since I harvested them 50 feet away from my kitchen. (Why the hurry to harvest, when I just let them get pruney in my frig?) Since I really enjoyed the flavor of the first batch, I thought to reuse the brine. Was that a mistake? Seems likely. I probably should have just added a few tablespoons to a fresh batch. I hope you more experienced fermenters will comment.

fermenting radishesYou can read about my other fermenting successes and failures here.

3 thoughts on “Rotten Radishes, Or a Learning Experience

  1. Just made sauerkraut for the 3rd time in my life, and I’m still getting used to the taste of a home ferment. Still, it makes me feel all self sufficient, knowing I can make something so simple and so healthy right in my closet! I have not yet tried to reuse the brine, however. I wonder if it somehow carries some harmful bacteria into the next batch? I don’t see how, with all the salt, but…?

    Well, hopefully your next batch will go better. I’m going to have to try fermenting radishes. They’re not my favorite root veggie (though I have discovered I like them ok roasted), but I wonder how fermenting will change their taste and bite. That intrigues me.

  2. I’ve been adding tannins to each jar of fermented peppers and other stuff: cherry, grape or oak leaves in the summer, and bags of green tea in the winter. Seems to work OK. The peppers, tomatillos, carrots, garlic and onions stay nice and crunchy.

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