Our Daily Bread

https://i2.wp.com/media.sundancechannel.com/UPLOADS/films/320x240/o/our_daily_bread.jpgThe most powerful food documentary I’ve watched is Our Daily Bread. It offers simplicity in its delivery. It is an opportunity to witness the systems that produce industrial food, without the burden of processing the data and opinions from experts.

Around five years ago I sat alone, horrified, as I watched the quiet footage progress. No narrative thread emerged, but as time elapsed, the weight on my chest grew heavier.

I was reminded of Our Daily Bread recently; when cleaning out my desk I found the notes I jotted down during the film. Some of these notes don’t make much sense; italicized words are my reactions to what I was watching. For what it’s worth, here’s what stood out to me:

hanging pigs
so much water
milk cows on a moving platform
hogs on a train
gigantic greenhouse
chicks on conveyor
sorting chicks
injecting chicks
checking for dead chickens in a warehouse
harvesting potatoes
hazmat gear
greenhouse plants – drenching peppers
trolley system for harvesting
glowing greenhouse complex
sperm collection: teasing steer, only to collect sperm
confined prize steers
machine spraying hay like a water sprinkler
pulling a calf out of cow: cut open, C-section
calf sprayed with blue paint and taken away
spraying crops
hen in tractors
apple harvesting
battery cages and egg harvesting: very loud, stressful environment
busing workers to harvest green onions
hog slaughterhouse
good thing I didn’t eat any meat today

food production footage interspersed with women on smoke and lunch breaks
stationary camera
spraying flowers
tilling under dead stalks
lettuce harvest
machinery causing me to wince
shaking the hell out of olive trees, sucking olives off the ground with a ride-able vacuum
salt mining
fish farming: fish sucked up with a big hose
gestation crates
castrating piglets
big monstrous vacuum sucking up chickens from the warehouse
flashback to when there were chicks blown into crates
crates crammed full and shoved closed
crates aren’t deep enough for chickens to stand up
juxtaposition of these scenes with ads
slaughter of cows: covered in shit, skinned, cut in half
didn’t show the feed lot
machines and food

What’s the most influential food documentary you’ve watched?

One thought on “Our Daily Bread

  1. wow. interesting.
    I can’t (not) wait to watch it. It will probably make me want to be a vegetarian again I’m sure. Food Inc made me cry (the pig killing scene.)

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