Manic Monday

It’s been quiet around here, so I thought I’d tell you about my evening. For the last two-and-a-half hours I’ve been a whirlwind in the kitchen: I started batches of fermented okra (more on this later in the week) and pickled eggs, concocted an apple-pecan-raisin bake, and assembled a three-bean salad (an adapted version of this recipe).

I was in a bit of a funk when I got home — but no more, thanks to this mishmash of food, an equally eclectic music selection (Janis Joplin, GreenMan, Jack Johnson, and Tori Amos), and the breezy, overcast evening.

Now that I feel quite accomplished, I think I’ll go snuggle up with a book.

Tonight’s evolving countertops:
fermented okra, pickled eggs, purple hull peasfermented okra, pickled eggsapple bake, pickled eggs, purple hull peas, fermented okra
bean salad

P.S. I’d like to talk to the person that thought 2-inch tile and grout would make a suitable kitchen counter.

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