Something Good

As I peered into the cabinet, it hit me: Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could. (That’s the Sound of Music soundtrack for ya, always lurking in the shadows, readily employed when lacking courage or encountering a gazebo or rolling hills.) Maria’s soft, punctuated cadence popped into my head as I hoped something edible would come of some random ingredients, kind of like when she made play clothes out of curtains.

So I hummed and assembled this soup, which turned out quite good.

Something Good Soup
:: flavorful pork broth (reserved from the ham hock experiment)
:: acini di pepe (a fun pasta I like to keep on hand)
:: dehydrated gray oyster mushrooms (from Om Gardens, which, sadly, no longer exists)
:: chard from the garden
:: cilantro from the garden
:: green onion

And, in case you have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s Maria and the Captain singing “Something Good.” (Hang on until at least 1:05.)

And an adaptation by the Brooklyn Rundfunk Orkestrata. (I recently acquired their wonderfully bizarre debut album, The Hills are Alive.)

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