Seed Saver

saving seeds
Over the winter, mice munched on most of my vegetable and flower seed before I learned to store it in jars. (Take heed!)

Left untouched were the amaranth, anise hyssop and basil seed heads I cut in the fall and hung from the ceiling of the laundry/mud room.

Last week I collected the seed in anticipation of planting time and an upcoming annual seed exchange. (If you’re in the Oklahoma City area on Easter Sunday, you should come out to Ron Ferrell’s Friendship Seed & Plant Exchange. Here‘s how it all got started.)
saving seed
The amaranth and basil were both grown from seed. The sage leaves were from Guilford Gardens. And the hyssop was grown from a transplant from Gabe.
saving seeds
I have referred to this handy guide for my rudimentary seed-saving. Saving seed seems like a fairly simple exercise, but there are those seeds that have a reputation, like tomatoes. They’ve been deemed difficult, but I’m not sure why. I haven’t attempted saving tomato seed, but that largely is because I haven’t had a lot of luck growing the suckers. I don’t store seeds in the fridge, and I don’t do germination tests. And as you can see, I don’t bother with threshing. I am just not that rigorous. Should I be?

I’d like to devote some time to developing a deeper understanding of seed-saving and botany. Seems like this book would be the place to start. Any other suggestions?

2 thoughts on “Seed Saver

  1. Saving tomato seed is really easy! You just have to let them soak a few days to get the clear covering off, then you can dry and store them. But I usually just get lazy and pour them into a pot of soil and start them right off.

    They don’t mind being in pots all winter (in a sunny room) and it’s a way to have big tomato plants (and occasionally, tomatoes!) once spring comes around.

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