Friend and Foe

Early this month I was in the garden harvesting all the green cherry tomatoes and dried bean pods before the big freeze, as well as pulling up frostbitten eggplant bushes to make room for some cold-season vegetable transplants. All this activity caused some critters to come out of hiding, seeking quieter refuge.
praying mantis
praying mantis
This praying mantis captivated my attention, until I heard some fluttering among the crackly morning glory vines. I reluctantly went to investigate, and look what I found!
A tobacco hornworm moth! I couldn’t tell: Was it was fresh out of the cocoon, or was it dying? It fluttered madly and stumbled around. I gingerly picked it up for a closer look, and then I set it out of harm’s way. While its larval form is a demon, I’m quite fond of moths and was thrilled by its presence.

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