Peck of Peppers

I’m a bit frantic. I feel winter’s approach, and along with it a sense of urgency about putting up food in this window of time between insane heat and frosty evenings. That’s not to say I’ve been super motivated or productive in the kitchen lately. No, I just have this anxiety looming about I should be doing.

I did take advantage of my neighbor’s bumper crop of jalapeños that she shared with me. I already have some roasted peppers in the freezer, so with this batch I turned to Preserving Food Without Freezing or Canning to make pickled peppers.

pickled peppers
Ugh, these photos are disgusting. Please bear with me until I can afford a real camera.
pickled peppers
The jar on the far right contains peppers I pickled in mid-July.

Instructions for pickled peppers:
slice peppers
mix with copious amounts of salt
cover and refrigerate for 24 hours
drain on a towel or in a colander
fill jars with peppers
top off with vinegar
secure lid
let them set for at least one week

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