Look, Ma!

“Yay! I can feed myself!” For some reason, I really get a kick out of saying this — like I’m a toddler or something. I guess I’m still surprised/pleased when I turn out a decent meal for just myself. This has been challenging, but it’s getting easier, helped along by the inherent ease of summertime eating. Feeding other people on the other hand, that’s always a pleasure.

Here are some photo-worthy meals I recently prepared for solo dining:
garden fare
Roasted okra and sautéed corn. I grew the green stuff. The tomatoes are from Guilford Gardens and the corn is from W Bar M.
And a shout-out to Lagunitas Brewery in Petaluma, California: home of the most entertaining brewery tour I’ve ever taken and some delicious bitter brew. Plus, they sell awesome Lagunitas wide-mouth mason jars for your sipping pleasure. Too bad I lost custody of that bad-ass vessel.

cheap eats
Chipotle-cornmeal cake, sautéed lambs quarters, and fried eggs.
Without the beer, this meal cost less than $1. Pennies for the cornmeal and tomatoes, free lambs quarters from Smordy Goot Farm, and 66¢ for the two eggs from Barley’s Garden Patch.

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