Snack Attack

I don’t have anything too groundbreaking to offer today, but recently I had an idea that was spurred on by my nearly habitual 3 p.m. visit to the office snack machine: Why not make my own little snacky goodness?
In my kitchen cabinet I found a half-full (I’m an optimist) tub of Snider Farms roasted peanuts, a partial tub of raisins, and a partial bag of chocolate chips. The 20-ounce peanut tub became the perfect container to jostle all of this together for a simple snack mix that I like to call my “crack.” I’ve never been a big raisin fan, but salty raisins are pretty damn tasty.
I will not disclose how many tubs of peanuts I’ve gone through since I started this practice. However, there have been a lot less visits to my nemesis, the snack machine.

Snack attack in the grass with my neighbor’s dog, Orphan. No raisins or chocolate for you, Orph!

One thought on “Snack Attack

  1. Oh yeah baby! I discovered that combo years ago. But it’s dangerous, cause it’s too darn good. I just had a small bran muffin I made a batch of yesterday. It’s a Hodgson Mills box mix I buy then add a Rose Ranch egg, etc…this time I added an apple. They’re only 85 calories and hit the spot.

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