As much as I enjoy Wagon Creak Creamery cream, I don’t regularly order it from the food co-op because I can’t use the entire pint before it goes bad. I like a glug of cream in my coffee and tea, though, so I buy Hiland or Braum’s half and half. Last month I decided to change that, or at least give it a try. Rah!
When I got my co-op order, I stirred up the beautiful, yellow, thick cream (You can’t find anything else like it! Well, not unless you have a cow, which I do not.) and poured it into my muffin tin cups. Then I froze the cups of cream until they solidified.
Luckily the muffin tin has a raised lid, so I was able to flip the tin upside down and bang it on the counter (hard and repeatedly) until all the cubes dropped into the lid.
This took some time, so the cubes were sweating by the time I finished. To prevent the cubes refreezing into a big cluster, I put them on a cookie sheet in the freezer for 30 minutes or so. Then I put them in a freezer bag for permanent storage.
The only special thing about this method is it takes some planning ahead.
I retrieve a cream cube from the freezer and put it in a little container in the refrigerator. One cube is enough to provide cream for my coffee for the week, especially since I don’t make coffee on the days that I’m running late for work (So, that would be most weekdays.). That means I have beautiful cream from happy cows for 12 weeks, or less if I use some for recipes. Pretty handy!
A word about the texture, which gets altered by the freezing process: The thawed cream gets a little grainy in between uses and needs to be stirred up a bit. No biggie.

cream cubes

2 thoughts on “Creamsicle

  1. This is such a great idea! We’re always looking for ways to get the most of our food, not waste, and deal with the quantities that come with buying local.

    I really admire what you’re doing here and would love to pick your brain sometime and compare notes. Let me know if/when such an exchange would be welcome (you can email me at the address I’ve listed). In the mean time, do keep the posts coming. This is really good information!

    ~ Angela w/ Devouring the Seasons

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