Sweet Potato Fries

sweet potato friessweet potato friessweet potato fries

I’ve had some suet from Cocina San Pasqual in my freezer for a while and needed to find a way to use it before trying out the tallow I recently rendered (more info here, too). (Which incidentally turned out to be suet, which doesn’t actually need to be rendered. Although, it doesn’t hurt. A quick refresher: all suet is tallow, but not all tallow is suet. Suet is a particular type of fat stored around ruminants’ kidneys.)
And why was I rendering the tallow, when I already had some in my freezer? Because I was gifted a chunk of beef fat.
Jeez, that was a convoluted mess. If you are still reading this, I thank you. You are quite a trouper.
So, I melted the suet in my Dutch oven, chopped up some Guilford Garden sweet potatoes (as uniformly as possible) and fried up those suckers. They weren’t as crispy as I’d like — I need to work on my method — but they were tasty, nonetheless. I spread them out on paper sacks to absorb some of the fat and sprinkled them with salt and ground cumin. Paired with a cold brew, they hit the spot!
Some bakers might be horrified that I used suet to make fries, when suet reportedly makes delectable pastry. It might seem like a waste of prized fat to use it on lowly fries, but what can I say? — I’ve been putting off using the suet for a fine pastry, and it never happened. I guess I’m just more inclined to fry potatoes.

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