Winter’s Equivalent

Happy March! Spring is coming. And that has me thinking of lightning bugs, the coming summer, sweat, and easy, pretty meals comprised of fresh, whole foods.
Here’s what I’m talking about:

baked squash, olives, and tomatoesIMG_3037.JPG
June 9, 2010; July 19, 2009

June 24, 2009

I was thinking about how these kinds of meals are my favorite. So, I put together winter’s equivalent. I’m sure a much better job could be done, but given that I don’t have a winter garden, I was pleased with the flavors and colors. And also glad I wasn’t very hungry.
What would be on your plate? Maybe a boiled egg and some fermented turnips? Pickles and bread?

Winter's equivalent
February 18, 2011
Christian Cheese cowboy cheddar, dried tomatoes from Mediterranean Deli, radish and arugula sprouts from my kitchen

4 thoughts on “Winter’s Equivalent

  1. Hey! Just found your site; it’s awesome. I am kitchen manager over at the OK Food Cooperative. To that plate you could add Earth Elements pickled beets or pickled okra. There’s also pumpkin puree (for pumpkin gnocchi of course). Again, glad to have found your blog.

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