Vinegar, Take 2

champagne vinegar
Even though I killed my last vinegar mother, Jackie gave me another and I’ve been sharing my Barefoot pinot grigio bubbly with her (the mother, not Jackie; though I would gladly share booze with Jackie anytime).
I am determined to keep it alive. Which shouldn’t be difficult, really, since my last one probably wasn’t dead when I hastily smothered her in the compost pile.
champagne vinegar
I got Jackie’s mother in mid-September. On Christmas Eve I sampled the vinegar to determine its readiness. Tasty! Nothing like an exhilarating shot of vinegar to warm your belly and feel alive! I’ve used it on salad greens and last night I put a few dashes on some turnip greens.
I’ve started another batch of champagne vinegar; next is red wine. Mothers multiply, and when mine does Julie already has dibs on some!

Check out my earlier post (as well as the comments) on vinegar-making for helpful tips and informative web links.

2 thoughts on “Vinegar, Take 2

  1. Oh oh…can I have a mother someday? I’ve been thinking of trying to make a malt vinegar w/ some dark beer. Does that require a mother? Regardless, I’d like to give vinegar a try someday. Let me know if you ever have excess Mother that isn’t spoken for. I’m sure I can find something worth trading 😉

    • Sure thing, Ame! But if you are eager to get started, there are mothers for sale on I think the concept is the same for malt vinegar, you just use beer instead of wine. I LOVE malt vinegar, so I might just have to try that next.
      It would sure be cool to have a vinegar-trading buddy. =)

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