Basil-Pepper Jelly

It’s funny how I planted this pepper plant hoping I would be able to make salsa. Well, the tomatoes never really came on and the cilantro was done long before the peppers (and lots of them) ripened. That’s how it goes, I guess.
lemon peppers
So, I was left with all these peppers and no real need or demand for them.
basil and lemon peppers
To use up the lemon peppers and basil, I consulted my trusty copy of the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving. Basil-Pepper Jelly was just what I was looking for.
Fashionable foods are almost as prevalent as that of clothing and jewelry, and it seems like a couple of years ago it became trendy to pour pepper jelly over cream cheese and serve it with crackers. It’s usually a fruity jam, like raspberry.
basil-pepper jelly
My pepper jelly didn’t call for fruit, and I think that’s its shortfall. The clear jelly isn’t as appealing as the fruity pepper jams.
I took a jar of it to my family’s Thanksgiving dinner. We mixed some in with plain yogurt cheese and spread it on Earth Elements handmade, whole wheat crackers. It was very good, but looked pretty gross.
I think it will make a good meat glaze. Here’s to hoping, since I have several more jars to use up!

3 thoughts on “Basil-Pepper Jelly

  1. This was the best jelly mixed with yogurt and spread on a cracker! The other night I was home alone and there was no chocolate in the house so I just finished off all that jelly and yogurt on my wheat thins!

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