The Living Kitchen

We went to a Living Kitchen Chowdown in early October. The chowdowns are a casual alternative to their farm table dinners, which we went to last summer.
pretty chicken in the bus
Here’s a lovely hen in an old school bus-turned-chicken house.
I got photos of the farm animals and the humans, but not the food. It was a delicious spread of seasonal picnic fare.
Jeff and Lisa
We brought our cooler of beer, served ourselves and sat in the grass. It was a gorgeous day and Jeff and Lisa’s after-dinner tunes topped it off.

This was our first time to the new Living Kitchen location in Depew; when we visited in summer 2009 they were still in Bristow. Linda and Lisa are such relaxed hosts; both places had a great vibe. Check out Living on this Farm, where Lisa blogs about her experiences as an “accidental farmer.”

More photos from our Living Kitchen visits are here and here.

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