Foraging Walks

I went on Jackie Dill’s spring and fall foraging walks this year. These walks appeal to many of my interests: the aspiring amateur naturalist and photographer, cook, hiker. I love learning to identify the plants. I like hiking around real slow, crouching, ducking tree branches, looking for mushrooms or interesting critters. I enjoy hearing Jackie explain the medicinal uses of some of the plants and how she uses them. Recently she’s developed a process for using thistle to make a rennet-like substance for cheese.

Jackie Dill
Isn’t this a gorgeous photo? This is at the spring walk. Photo by Chelsey Simpson.
Jackie Dill separates some wild onion.
Jackie divvies up wild onion.
Curly dock in April (2008).
Curly Dock Seed
Curly dock in September. Jackie said the seeds could be ground and used to make crackers. I brought some seed stalks home; I hope to get some curly dock growing in our yard.
Kentucky Coffee Tree
Kentucky coffee tree. The seeds (in those big, black pods) can be used for—you guessed it!—a coffee substitute.

More photos here.

Check out my blog posts from the 2008 and 2009 wild-food walks.

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