Never mind what it implies about our social life—Matt and I look forward to the Saturday evening radio line up. The Midnight Special at 6pm on KCSC (90.1), followed by The Thistle & Shamrock and Folk Salad on KOSU (91.7). The Midnight Special songs play with a theme. I was cooking and listening this past Saturday, so it was fitting that one theme was kitchen life/food. My ears perked up when I heard the introduction to this song: “Kelvinator” by James Gordon, a Canadian activist singer-songwriter. (Check out “Mr. Developer Man” and “Weapons of Mass Instruction.”)

Also, here’s the full playlist from the September 25 edition of The Midnight Special radio show.

2 thoughts on “Kelvinator

  1. I’m so sorry for every time I’ve selfishly made plans with you on a Saturday night! I had no idea what you were missing 😉

    I’ve been troubled all week wondering if he really put dirt in his fridge. Such a waste of resources when chard will grow anywhere! I think i’m missing the point…

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