Cucumber Pickles

This isn’t the first time I’ve grown cucumbers, but it’s the first time I stayed in one place long enough to see the plant’s full cycle. This year I had great luck with bushy cucumbers, which weren’t bushy at all, but I guess it’s relative. I had fun crawling around in the vines and trying to spot the cucumbers in their camouflage. I made blender gazpacho, cucumber soup, my Grandma Schultze’s cucumber slicers (sliced cucumbers, equal parts water, white vinegar, and sugar), and put up 16 pints of pickles. I even brought a bag full of pickles to Green Drinks to hand out to strangers. Needless to say, the bushy cucumber is prolific.
2010 summer gardencucumbersbread and butter pickles
I used Ball’s Complete Book of Home Preserving for my bread and butter pickle recipe. They are very good!
yellow cucumbers
yellow cucumber pickles
I got a recipe for Yellow Cucumber Pickles from Joy of Cooking. In late July all the cucumbers were yellow, even the little ones. These pickles turned out way too sour! Blech! Luckily I have a friend who appreciates their sourness, so we’re trading documentaries for pickles.

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