Let’s Eat

Here’s some straight-up food for your viewing pleasure.

July 31: Salad, corn fritters, and smoked salmon we brought back from the “Take Home Fish Company” in Neah Bay, WA.

August 15: Buffalo and blue cheese meatballs, roasted okra from the garden (yay!), and potato salad (this is one of my favorite potato salad recipes because, not only is it very tasty, it uses ingredients I can easily get locally: yogurt, chicken broth, and oregano). This meal is approximately 94.37% local. Well, not really, but close. Definitely close.

August 19: Finished off the salmon we brought back from our vacation, roasted okra, and butternut squash with butter, brown sugar, and pecans. Let me tell you about this squash: it patiently sat in the pantry since November. A great keeper! The outside looked a little rough (spotty), but the inside was just fine.

brioche from Prairie Thunder Bakery
August 14: Beautiful brioche from Prairie Thunder Baking Company via Urban Agrarian.breakfast of champs
Take a slice of that pretty loaf and top it some butter, thin apple wedges, and blue cheese. Broil it for a couple of minutes. I’m on a blue cheese kick right now.

3 thoughts on “Let’s Eat

  1. Beautiful!

    And you can slice brioche?! Who knew! It gets devoured by the fist-full in our house. Whoever the silly folks are who pass it over at the markets every week, I thank and scorn them.

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