Against the Odds

Look what I saw in our yard today!

It’s a tiny amaranth plant. It doesn’t look like much yet, but look what it can become!

Last summer I collected amaranth blossoms from Kamala’s garden, put them in a paper bag, and hung the bag in the basement over the winter. By springtime, the flowers had dried and the seeds could easily be shaken loose. In mid-April I planted the seeds along a small section of our fence line. I did the planting in a very haphazard fashion: at first I used a trowel to loosen the dirt and remove some grass, then I got impatient lazy and just sprinkled the seeds on the ground. I watered in the seeds that day and then promptly forgot about them. So I was pleasantly surprised today to see that a few plants have emerged. I would love for them to take off; maybe I should give them a little love.
dried amaranth blossomAmaranth seeds

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