Compost Happens

This is our new compost container Matt made from salvaged fence panels Chelsey scouted in her neighborhood. I’m a low-maintenance/low-results composter; though I’m considering adding red wiggler worms for some assistance and entertainment. Mostly, I just don’t like throwing kitchen or garden scraps in the trash, so I bury them in shredded paper, shredded leaves, or this wheat straw that Chelsey and I picked up from a farmer in NE OKC.
I like to take a peek now and then and see what funky things are happening under the covers. I’ll be sure to share if anything interesting turns up.
compost pile

3 thoughts on “Compost Happens

  1. Hey Tricia
    Your dad sent me the URL to your blog. We are old high school buds. Just learning about vermiculture. Using old cat liter plastic containers for my farm. They can be stacked and moved easily. Where would you suggest getting more worms, red wigglers.

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