Uncharacteristically Mean Thoughts

Little spastic white butterflies (cabbage whites) laid their little eggs on my kale.
Then their little babies proceeded to devour the kale.
I tried to spray them off with the garden hose. But that didn’t work.
So I got revenge by eating them. Well, not on purpose—but they camouflage so well! We did get to eat a satisfactory amount of kale, and along with it, probably our fair share of cabbage white caterpillars.
Last week I decided to pull up the kale plants, hoping to prevent the caterpillars from traveling to my other vegetables (wishful thinking).
Then I removed the bird netting in case the birds might want to help out by eating the caterpillars, rather than the seeds they were munching in early spring.
However, something has clearly been munching on radish greens and on one of the tomato plants, sending me into a head-shaking, swear-word-muttering fit.

Damn moth larvae
Cabbage moth caterpillar

3 thoughts on “Uncharacteristically Mean Thoughts

  1. Hi Tricia-
    Try some Bt! It’s an OMRI approved biological insecticide. Bt stands for ‘Bacillus thuringensis’, which is a bacteria that infects caterpillars, and kills them.

    • Thanks so much for the recommendation! As I get more serious about gardening, I’ll need to learn about these things. Definitely don’t want to invest time and money to feed the caterpillars, but then again, I really like butterflies.

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