A Mother-Clucker of a Deal!

Let me break my blogging dry-spell by sharing this great deal!

This information comes from an email I received earlier today:

A new small-scale chicken processor just got their USDA certification and are busy processing birds.

This processor also raises birds a few miles from the processing location north of Tahlequah. These birds are housed at a much lower density than current industrialized standards. They are free to range during the daylight hours and are fed a completely vegetarian ration with no hormones or antibiotics added. I’ve seen these birds, and they seem healthy, calm, and stress-free. The resulting dressed product weighs about 7-9 lbs and *tastes wonderful*. This processor is committed to providing processing services to sustainable Oklahoma farmers and to providing affordable products to rural residents of our state. However, they face a short-term cash flow crunch and are very much in need of our help. How? By buying chicken! These birds are being offered at $5 for a 7-9 lb roaster. We are in the process of setting up one-time deliveries to Oklahoma City and Tulsa for next week. The Tulsa delivery will be Wednesday, OKC is still TBD. If you want to support local food, farming and processing, check your freezer space and come buy some birds. Buy some for your family and neighbors. Buy some and donate them to your local food bank!

Please send an e-mail to osborn.nancy@gmail.com with your name, phone number, location, and number of birds you’d like to buy. If we can buy about 4,000 birds in the next week, they can get through this crunch. If you have restaurant or institutional contacts who might like a large lot of roasters, please talk to them and send them our way. You have an opportunity to make a real, long-term difference in the face of local food next week–just by buying some chicken!

I just placed my order. Let’s help this entrepreneur get a good start!

7 thoughts on “A Mother-Clucker of a Deal!

  1. I threw in my hat for 5 birds. Let’s hope I can fit them in my freezer. If not, would you like to come over for fried chicken next week … lots of fried chicken?

  2. Awesome! I heard about the facility a couple weeks ago from their lawyer. $5 dollars is a steal.

    One nitpick. Touting their vegetarian diet is a bit pointless if they’re free range and foraging for grubs and critters.

    • Vines & Cattle,

      I had the same thought when I read the email. I guess that has just become the quick way of saying, “they aren’t fed an amalgamation of ground up animal parts.”

      They are doing another round of sales. If you are interested email kristin.thurber@dvn.com.

  3. Has anyone been to the facility?

    I heard these chickens were in old industrial housing complexes and the “free range” was just opening the door. If this is true, I know that broilers won’t go outside if the feed and water is inside. I’ve worked with pastured broilers and know that you have to take them to pasture if you want them to range.

    I also hear the even though “These birds are housed at a much lower density than current industrialized standards,” its only like 15,000 per house instead of 20,000.

    Could some please shed a little light on this for me?


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