Speaking of indoctrination…

Don’t ya just love all this “indoctrination” talk stirred up because—gasp!—the President seeks to directly engage schoolchildren?

Let us focus on some legitimate indoctrination:

“By the year 2000, the Centers for Disease Control estimated that one in five schools participating in the National School Lunch Program had brand-name fast foods in their lunchrooms.”

—School Lunch Politics
by Susan Levine

More here.

3 thoughts on “Speaking of indoctrination…

  1. Once you’ve accepted that it’s the state that will be educating your child for “free”, you can’t complain when that institution does something you don’t like. That goes for both sides.

    • Vines,

      1) Public Schools are not free, we pay for them with our taxes.
      2) My arse I can’t complain about something I see as not conducive to my childs health and their education.

      If you are a parent with a child in the public school system, you can make a difference by showing up to PTA meetings, getting in contact with your school board, etc.

      There is ample evidence of people changing the system.


  2. I’m just saying that the State as an entity does all sorts of unsavory things. Yet folks feel perfectly fine trusting that same entity to teach ( if not raise) their kids, dole out health care, and tell them what to eat.

    I’m perfectly fine with parental involvement, my wife is a teacher, that’s local. I’m not fine with top down, one sized fits all regulation from out of touch bureaucrats 1000 miles away. That rule guides my thinking on just about everything, whether it’s food, agriculture, or my five year old’s kindergarten class.

    A question, oklavore related, why do we look to answers on how to ‘remake the food system’ from those disconnected bureacrats? Especially when they’re the ones who caused the problem in the first place…

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