Some Reading

There really is an American cuisine: there’s even a book about it. I can’t wait to read The Food of a Younger Land, after Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal, of course.

From the WTF?!? file: “Crops, ponds destroyed in quest for food safety.”

“Integrity of Federal ‘Organic’ Label is Questioned”
Certified organic mock duck? And organic baby formula containing synthetic additives to help brain development, though the additives are produced using a potential neurotoxin.

Oklahoma can’t seek damages in the poultry suit. And apparently our expert witnesses are not acceptable to Judge Frizzell. This isn’t looking good.

A British grocery chain uses out-of-date meat to generate electricity. It’s part of their landfill diversion project, but why is there so much wasted meat in the first place?

A compelling case for regional selective breeding, regional food systems, and the importance of biodiversity:
“A tomato plant that travels 2,000 miles is no different from a tomato that has traveled 2,000 miles to your plate.”

Edited to add:
The National Corn Growers Association CEO Rick Tolman critiques Michael Pollan‘s influence and ability to stir the pot and lauds Norman Bourlag, the founder of the Green Revolution (think “better living through chemistry”). Tolman references Bourlag’s  editorial, which ignorantly reduces sustainable agriculture to back-breaking manual labor by warm bodies. Bourlag’s answer is “better seed and fertilizers.” Yeah, that seems to be working for India.

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