I’m Screwed

I thought I was okay with having high cholesterol…until I heard this: “Midlife Cholesterol Linked to Dementia” on NPR.

I’ve had high cholesterol since my early 20s. I just turned 29. I have great “good” cholesterol and blood pressure. Two to three years on a vegetarian diet did nothing to help my “bad” cholesterol. And since I’ve taken an interest in whole foods, I’ve read compelling information on how diet and cholesterol are, at best, loosely related.

I feel really silly arguing with my doctor about whether I really need to keep my cholesterol “under control” with meds. I’m sure I need to try the tried and true method of weight loss. Don’t worry, I’m not going to turn oklavore.com into a diet site. Just some rambling thoughts… I’d like to hear yours.

5 thoughts on “I’m Screwed

  1. Is it wrong that this makes me giggle? Probably because i hear Jeff teasing you about it on your birthday 🙂

    Is weight loss linked to low cholesterol even if diet isn’t? What about exercise?

  2. continue to love your website –
    call me about your cholesterol
    i have an alternative doctor you need to go see about this
    i am just about positive that he would tell you that if your good cholesterol is under control – and blood pressure is good etc – you are fine. he might tell you to walk/exercise etc but don’t think he would want you taking meds – anyway try him – he was vegetarian for years – but is not any longer – i know your diet must be good!

  3. I would listen to Kamala and thank Matt for taking care of you if you develop dementia. But that won’t be for a long time, if it ever happens. Scientific studies heard on the radio, even NPR, are not to be trusted. You, as a unique individual, should.

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