Living Kitchen

Have you heard of the Living Kitchen Farm & Dairy in Bristow? Around here it’s known as “the farm that makes people cry,” since Chelsey and I both got misty-eyed when we first read about it. It just seems like a dream: growing and cooking and hosting—all at your homey home.

Conventional wisdom taught Lisa Becklund, a chef and native Washingtonian, that when it came to food, the more exotic and well-traveled—the better. But since taste is paramount, Lisa found her clients receptive and excited about the fresh, local ingredients she sought out, which led to her toying with the idea of a farm-restaurant enterprise. She fell in love with Oklahoma while accompanying a friend on a family visit. Shortly after returning to Washington she decided to leave her Seattle restaurant and start farming here. She raises vegetables, chickens, goats (for milk), and sheep (for meat) on a 7-acre farm.

We went to one of Lisa’s Farm Table Dinners last weekend. It happened to be my birthday. We were greeted with refreshing mojitos and were given a farm tour where I learned that llamas deter coyotes and they poop in the same spot. Fascinating! So, their poo can be efficiently gathered for compost. I thought I took a picture of the wheelbarrow o’ poo, but alas, I did not. Just use your imagination. And speaking of poo, the Living Kitchen facilities offer a “hippie bathroom,” which features a groovy composting toilet.

Lisa BecklundIMG_3001.JPG
Lisa and Casey on the farm tour. Casey is the “much-more-than-an-intern” and lives in the yurt.
The probable origin of “the grass is always greener on the other side.”

I loved the peaceful, friendly vibe of the Living Kitchen and the food was absolutely a-mazing. Every. Single. Bit. I can’t wait to go back. Maybe it will become a birthday tradition.

the menu:

chilled cucumber gazpacho and sun gold nugget nectar with lavender olive oil

everything-in-the-garden salad with homemade goat milk feta tossed in a lavender balsamic vinaigrette, studded with fresh lavender leaves

for the tongue
lime, lavender, and pineapple mint ice

pork shoulder crusted with lavender salt and slow smoked over lavender wood
served with tender Italian flat beans and Yukon gold potatoes in pan juices

lavender-lemon pound cake with peach ice cream
Tidal School Oklahoma Gold served in lavender-smoked glass

soul food
chocolate lavender truffle

4 thoughts on “Living Kitchen

  1. Tricia- Thanks for the shout-out to the Living Kitchen. It was great having you out for the Lavender Dinner last weekend! Love the pictures! I’m going to post a link to your post on our Facebook fan page. – Linda (chief dishwasher at the Living Kitchen)

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