Icebox Insight

Matt's frig
23-year-old bachelor | fort worth, tx | 1-person household | recently discovered that sauteed spinach can be good

mary frig
stay at home mom | del valle, tx | 3-person household | new obsession: iced coffee

mom frig
empty-nesters | ft worth, tx | 2-person household | memorial day & birthday weekend

chelsey frig
magazine editor | edmond, ok | 2-person household | seeks out opportunities to meet strangers

the whitameron frig
map-maker | edmond, ok | 2-person household | maintains a list of the contents of her freezer

This idea was shamelessly copied from here.
I wonder how much energy was wasted in the making of this collection.

One thought on “Icebox Insight

  1. LOL – great! You seem to know people who actually eat food!

    Is that ice cream maker full or empty? I’ld be glad to help with either situation 😉

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