Elm Seedlings

These elm seedlings are everywhere! This has not happened the previous two springs we’ve been at this house. What is going on?
Look at the opportunistic little buggers!
opportunistic elm seedlings
Have you noticed them around your yard or in your garden? Do you pull  them out? There are hundreds (thousands?) of them in my lettuce bed. I haven’t taken the time to pull out all of them. Matt suggested they might just die off. If I leave them along are they going to start competing with my vegetable plants?

3 thoughts on “Elm Seedlings

  1. YES! They’re EVERYWHERE! And what I’ve been doing is just sort of mass clearing them with the side of a shovel or my shoe. They come up really easily. You could maybe smother then with hay or something, though, too.

  2. Yes, they sprout every year for us. Give em a chance and they’ll be trees. They’re a constant problem in untilled areas, like under the grapes and in the asparagus patch. They’ll come up through the hay, just like the asparagus. Just yank em out as the summer goes on.

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