Are You What You Eat?

Check out this photo series. Cool, huh? Here is a similar, though more sobering, collection.

I’d love to post a similar series of photos here. Let us peek into your life by emailing a photo of your open fridge. This is a chance to show off the lovely contents of your fridge or to “come out” about your take-out habit. Don’t be shy—email your photo, along with an interpretive caption, to I’ll post them here in a week.

Yesterday my fridge said I’m all dressing; no substance. I had a door full of condiments, with little else. But today brought a huge improvement to the contents of my refridgerator since it is co-op delivery day! Wish I could have done  a before/after shot. Maybe next month. The amount of real estate taken by beer varies with the time of the month. A photo taken right now might cause one to think I quench my thirst with milk or water alone, but the truth is that we already blew the beer money.

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