Garden Update

We finally put plants in the raised bed on May 3rd. Whew, that felt good! Plant dates kept getting postponed due to the weather or my schedule. I’m glad we didn’t hold off any longer since it has remained rainy and overcast ever since.
I bought the tomato and pepper transplants from High Tides and Green Fields; everything else is from seed. I started basil, dill, and cucumbers indoors, but they were pretty mopey by the time I got them in the ground. The cucumbers that were directly sown already look better than the transplants.

2009 garden guide
I got these neat curly tomato stakes when Nicole took me to North Haven Gardens in Dallas. I’m counting on them. Come through for me, unique tomato stakes!
The circle garden near the raised bed: strawberries and freshly planted ground cherry plants. There’s also a struggling overwintered red cabbage plant. I should put it out of its misery.
Potatoes! I’m trying Yukon gold, all blue, and yellow finn. On the far side is the lettuce patch. Sadly, they’re not doing so good. But Abbey is good. She’s such a sweetheart. She never tries to escape, unlike her mischievous sister, Chimay.

I stay organized with this spreadsheet, which helps me remember varieties and plant dates and to make better decisions next time. I’m also using it to keep track of costs, though I haven’t put a lot of effort into that yet. Maybe it will help you get organized, or maybe it will help you feel better about your own system.

6 thoughts on “Garden Update

  1. What a cool sketch of your garden! How did you do that? And it looks so cute and orderly – way to go. I haven’t gotten any of my ground cherry seeds to come up. I planted them three times inside and now once outside (direct sow) and so far nothing so my seed has to be bunk. I was so pumped after your recommendation last year!

    Your garden looks great! I’m looking forward to hearing more as the season moves on.

    • Thank you very much! I spent way too much time on it for the end result, but it was fun. I used Adobe Illustrator. The idea stemmed from needing a way to remember which tomato plants went where. I tried just scanning in my pencil sketch, but it didn’t work.

      How disappointing about the ground cherry seeds. I was really hoping they would be easy to grow from seed.

  2. The diagram looks really great! I hope the stakes work out for your tomatoes, too.

    Is that pecan hull mulch I see in your circle garden, under the strawberry plant? I’ve been wanting to try it out, so if you are using pecan hull mulch, let me know what you think.

    Also, what’s up with the fence on the end of the garden? Is it for fun, for masking off your plants from the street, maybe for growing ivy? I’m curious!

    Lovely job, Tricia.


    • Thanks!

      I’m neutral on the pecan hull mulch. We initially selected it last year because we planted blackberry canes and in theory, the pecan hulls increase the soil acidity, which would benefit the blackberry bushes. However, the blackberries didn’t make it, but that was probably because we waited too long to plant them.

      The section of fence is for the cucumber vine to climb. Though, its usefulness remains to be seen, since we planted the “bushy” cucumber variety.

    • Hi Julie,
      We moved in late July and took our curly tomato stakes with us. They were working very well up to that point. Can’t wait to try them out this year since I’ll get to see how they perform with mature plants.
      Sorry I can’t offer an enthusiastic endorsement just yet.

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