Some Reading

When “Local” Makes It Big
Frito-Lay rationalizes their new “locavore” marketing scheme.
Excerpt: “You know the locavore phenomenon is having an impact when the corporations begin co-opting it,” Ms. Prentice said. “Everyone should know where things are processed. The ‘where’ question is really important.”

U.S. Hog Giant Transforms Eastern Europe
Read the story while considering Smithfield’s slogan: “Good food. Responsibly.”
Excerpt: “In the United States, Smithfield says it has been a boon to consumers. Pork prices dropped by about one-fifth between 1970 and 2004, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, suggesting annual savings of about $29 per consumer. In Eastern Europe, as in American farm states where Smithfield developed its business strategy, the question is whether the savings are worth the considerable costs.
Smithfield brands.

Governor Henry signed the “Right to Farm” Measure
No private nuisance lawsuit can be brought against agricultural activities  in operation for more than two years. Fine. Sure. I understand. But, the law adds “expansion” to the definition of agricultural activities. An expansion— even if it is non-contiguous—does not reset the clock.

Take that, California!
An Oklahoma legislator’s response to California’s Proposition 2 is now law. Here’s an earlier post about this paranoid response to humane legislation that ensures confined livestock are able to—god forbid—stretch their legs and *gasp* turn around in their cage!

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