Recent Meals

I get food as payment for my new internship. Delicious, fresh, glorious food.

Last Thursday I left with arugula, asparagus, spinach, chard, and parsnip soup. Here’s what I did with some of it:

I made arugula pesto. I used my mini food processor to chop the arugula to bits, then I mixed in chopped pine nuts, garlic, and olive oil. I was feeling exotic—pecans work well for a local nut substitution. I spread it on sliced baguette from Harvestyme Bread (my favorite of Pat’s breads) and topped it with shredded Pure Prairie Creamery goat cheese. Broil. A fantastic combination. Especially good with red wine. Really, though, what isn’t?
Friday supper and Sunday lunch: arugula pesto cheese bread, creamy parsnip soup, and salad.
For the past month I’ve been putting Spicy Lime Vinegar on my salads. Wow! I really enjoy salads now. I used to like eating them because I knew thew were good for me. Now I like eating them because they are actually good! Thank you, Holder’s Herbs!

Sunday I seared pork shoulder and then simmered it for about two hours with dry great northern beans, sage, olive oil, and garlic. They didn’t taste as good as Shauna’s beans, though. Shauna, are you holdin’ out on me?
Tuesday supper: leftover white beans and pork, roasted asparagus, and leftover arugula pesto cheese bread.
For the asparagus, I sought guidance from Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, which I borrowed from the library. (Friday I had an epiphany that I could use the library to explore cookbooks!) Simple and delicious. In the roasting pan, I topped the raw asparugus with pats of butter and coarse salt. Then it roasted at 450˚ for about 15 minutes. Drizzle some lemon juice and eat.

3 thoughts on “Recent Meals

  1. Tricia — you’re sweet! i’m not holding on ya on the beans. just one little extra ingredient i mentioned and you may have missed it ’cause i tacked it on the end when we were talking about the beans — a little ham soup base. This can also be skipped if you wanna keep things simple — just use loads of garlic (i mean loads) like the Italians do — but i do like the oomph of the soup base. I’ve also used a tablespoon of bacon grease or a ham hock or two but the dehydrated ham soup base works well if you don’t have either on hand.

    • I remembered pork stock at the last minute, but it was frozen solid so I left it out. Is broth or stock the same thing as soup base? This is something that has puzzled me for a while—the differentiation between soup base, broth, and stock. Maybe I should call in to The Splendid Table…

      And loads of garlic. Loads. Duly noted! Thank you! =)

  2. *sigh*

    The proper garnish for asparagus involves onions, a stick of butter, cream of mushroom soup, and industrialized cheesestuff. (Velveeta!)

    Full disclosure: We bake/grill/steam it quite often, topped with nothing but salt and some butter. But if you want to really live!….. 😉

    Those beans look good…

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