I Scream, You Scream

It all started a couple weeks ago. I had two 16-ounce containers of local cream that was in danger of going bad. I needed to make something to use it up. I considered pudding, but that much warm yummy goodness would be dangerous in our house.

Some evil little voice whispered, “Ice cream. Pssssst: Ice cream.”

Thanks to the enabling qualities of the Internet, in no time I had ordered an attachment for my stand mixer and said “bye, bye” to my “fun” money.

I used beautiful eggs from Ressler Farm and Wagon Creek cream. My first batch was a Cook’s Illustrated recipe for burnt sugar ice cream. A little too sweet for me, but Matt loved it. The second batch was peanut butter. I just adapted a recipe for vanilla by adding peanut butter globs and skimping a little on the sugar. I added too much peanut butter for fear that it wouldn’t be potent enough. The flavor turned out to be good, if not a little strong, but the texture was off. After chilling in the freezer, the peanut butter ice cream was rock hard and it didn’t melt in my mouth. I guess we’ll just have to endure the various incarnations until it reaches perfection. I’m really looking forward to making some sorbet and sherbet this summer. (I think sherbet is made with dairy and sorbet is not.)


Matt made caramel using a novel method he came across online. It goes like this: put an unopened can of sweetened, condensed milk in a pot. Fill pot with water ’til it covers the can by at least two inches, refilling as water evaporates. Boil the water for a couple hours, cool, then remove the can from the water. At three hours, ours turned out too thick, but still mind-blowing. It tasted just like Brach’s caramel cubes. I’m still amazed by this process.


I cannot wait to try out this recipe for Nutella ice cream!

2 thoughts on “I Scream, You Scream

  1. why wasn’t i invited to try the ice cream – it looks fabulous – great ingredients – fabulous photos and good source for ice cream recipe – i use the same base recipe – you go girl – great blog -…..

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