Some Reading

Sustainable Agriculture = Community Development
Excerpt: “As currently structured, the food system is a sieve through which a substantial portion of wealth in low-income communities leaks away — with little of value to show for it.”

Red Meat and Mortality
Excerpt: “Eating lots of red meat increases the chances of dying prematurely of cancer and heart disease.”

Not All Meat is Created Equal
Excerpt: “The results of the study point out that heavy consumption of ‘processed meats’ is most likely to cause disease, but they do not take the logical next step, which is to consider all meat raised on artificial diets under industrial production standards to be processed. This is not just a semantic problem.”

Calves in Germany are dying from “blood sweating.”

Another “pasture to plate” article, this time with grass-fed cattle (see Pollan’s article on feedlot cattle).
The article addresses regulatory hurdles/barriers when it’s time to slaughter and process. Here’s an entrepreneurial solution. (Thanks, Vines & Cattle.)

Original content coming soon. I made ice cream!

3 thoughts on “Some Reading

  1. That MinnPost article is outstanding, the author really gets how regulations impede small business. I spent the weekend learning how to raise grass fed, and even got to tour a ranch and processing facility. 😀

  2. Thanks for the links, Tricia. I like that other people can benefit from your diligent digging around for information. 🙂

    And the ice cream was quite fantastic! Can’t wait for more testing of the peanut butter.

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