Cure What Ales Ya

Surely I’m sure I’m not the first one to think of that play on words. Oh, yep, definitely not.

Today I learned about COOP Ale Works, a microbrewery in Oklahoma City. They are located next to the 51st Street Speakeasy at 51st and Western. From what I’ve gathered, because of Oklahoma’s screwy laws and such, the brewery is classified only as a distributor—not a distributor/retailer. Lemons? Make lemonade. They’ve partnered with the Speakeasy to do tastings. The plan is to do tours on Saturdays and send people over to the pub to drink, eat, and enjoy the patio. Love it.

After work, Matt and I went to the Speakeasy to quench our thirst. We both tried the Native Amber. It’s great. I love Belgian brews (our dogs names are Chimay and Abbey), so I’m looking forward to returning to try the DNR and tour the brewery. COOP seems pretty cool all around: the beer is great; they’re working to reduce their carbon footprint by using energy efficient technology, as well as sourcing local ingredients; and they seem like a neat group of passionate guys fulfilling a dream.

And so far it seems the brewery business isn’t being affected (much) by the quagmire that is our economy. Cheers!

4 thoughts on “Cure What Ales Ya

  1. I was pretty impressed with the food. I thought it might be pub grub, but my veggie pizza had diced squash on it and a good crust.

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