A New Year of Food

2009: The year I delve into all things food related, also known as the year seed catalogs arrived in the mail without my requesting them! Oh, and how lovely they are. I feel like the real deal, now. Happy New Year!

What are some food-related things you would like to accomplish or learn in 2009?

Here’s my list, some of which I have already mentioned in previous entries. Forgive the reiteration (if I say it enough, maybe it will actually happen):

  1. Make tomato paste.
  2. Bake a 100% Oklavore pizza.
  3. Learn more about keeping bees and chickens.
  4. See a persimmon tree.
  5. Cuddle a piglet.
  6. Expand the garden by adding some no-dig beds.
  7. Drink more water.
  8. Take a “sleep on it” approach to publishing blog entries. I often lie awake pondering if I misspelled something or used too many freaking em dashes. That’s also why I am rewriting this “New Year’s” post; I forgot to add several things in my initial entry.
  9. Post more often; less lag time between actual event and blog post.
  10. Find out if the vintage pressure cooker I got for Christmas is safe to use; if not, I’ll have to have my own MacGyver Challenge.

pressure cooker
National Pressure Cooker
Eau Claire, Wis.

5 thoughts on “A New Year of Food

  1. 1. Can something

    2. Memorize my recipes for pancakes, cornbread and biscuits so I can make them faster.

    3. Buy less non-local fruit.

    4. Take some food-related road trips.

    And I want in on your baby pig action!

  2. Oh, I just thought of another one! I desperately need to organize my recipes.

    Chelsey, I bet we can combine the baby pig cuddling with a road trip.

  3. 1. Incorporate more “Real Food” thinking into maintaining a healthy weight.

    2. Cook from scratch more often.

    3. Beef up (no pun intended!) on my collection of simple, fresh, and fast meals (to get closer to #2).

    I want to see pictures of this piglet snuggling! It’s kinda creepy to think about that in the context of food, though…

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