Persimmon Cookies

I’m going to post a few brief entries to get caught up. I have seven drafts and some of them are getting a little dated. For example: these persimmon cookies. I’m pretty sure persimmons are no longer in season here in Oklahoma. I’ve been told their harvest window is very short. You gotta leave them on the tree until they sweeten and soften, but you have to harvest before the deer get them all. Last year was the first time I had ever eaten a persimmon. They are very mushy and probably often mistaken for being rotten. I’d be dubious about buying persimmons in the supermarket. They are probably picked way too early because they would never ship well in their ripened state. I’ve never seen a persimmon tree; guess I’ll have to add that to the list of things/experiences to be had. So far, there’s:

  • grow paste tomatoes and make paste
  • successfully make pizza dough
  • cuddle a piglet
  • see a persimmon tree

Share some of your food/agriculture/cooking goals.

Last month I made these persimmon cookies. Persimmons are problematic. They’re pricey and mostly seeds. The flavor is just okay. I was glad to find a recipe to make the most of the small amount of orange mush garnered from a half-pint of persimmons.

Persimmonspersimmon cookies
Sweet, spicy, citrusy (this is an actual word!) cookies.

2 thoughts on “Persimmon Cookies

  1. Jeff just read me a poem about persimmons. It isn’t often one encounters that word twice in one day!

    We’re going to knock out that baby pig thing come spring!

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