Old-School Food

Pickled beets…something you would expect to find at a family reunion potluck, right? Sitting next to the Watergate salad, pasta casserole, and the “dirt”: that rich pudding concoction with the occasional gummy worm for added effect. After we got our fill, the cousins would run through the corn rows flinging “dirt” at each other. There wasn’t much to do in rural Minnesota. Now that I have adult tastes, I would have gone for the pickled beets—they would do much more damage. At 12 years old, I abstained from such alien foodstuff.

Leafy greens to swollen roots, beets are subtle in their flavor, yet potent in color—leaving their trace on your fingers. I get an annual hankering for this recipe of pickled beets and eggs. It’s very simple: combine equal parts sugar, water, and vinegar. Boil and peel some eggs. Boil, peel, and slice the beets. Pour the liquid over the beets and eggs. Chill at least 4 hours. Just don’t store this in a metal container or it will get slimy.

What is a classic dish at your family gatherings?





One thought on “Old-School Food

  1. Those purple eggs are stunning!!! We have several standbys chez nous: 24-hour salad (which is chopped and layered lettuce, green onions, peas, sour cream dressing, bacon bits, cheese…), breakfast pork chops (which are basically pork chops covered in crushed corn flakes cooked in salted milk), and my maternal relatives all love this light pink, cool-whip and cranberry dish that the rest of us think is too sweet…
    Yum… Home. 🙂

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