In My Belly

No photos today. Perhaps that’s a good thing because my meal doesn’t look very appetizing.

As I was making my breakfast smoothie this morning, I cooked some cream of bulgur for my sack lunch. Cream of bulgur is parboiled wheat berries that have been finely ground—similar to Cream of Wheat but better for you, since Bob uses the whole grain. To prepare it, you use one part cream of bulgur and three parts liquid. Today I used a combination of beef broth and milk for my cooking liquid. Once cooked, but still on the burner, I stirred in chunks of white cheddar cheese. Then I put a generous scoop of the creamed bulgur in my lunch container and then added a generous heap of cooked greens. Freshly cooked greens would be ideal, but lately I’m doing good to use these. They are tasty, thanks to the bacon fat, no doubt. One sec—I gotta take a bite of my nutritious mush meal. Yummmm…

My smoothie was quite good too. I make several servings at once and store them in the freezer for rushed mornings (which is to say, every morning). Blend up:

Wagon Creek Farm plain creamline yogurt
frozen cherries
a scoop of Ovaltine
a handful of pecans
a scoop of wheat bran from the Prairie Rose Permacultured Kitchen
flax seed meal


4 thoughts on “In My Belly

  1. Yay home lunching and naps!

    For some reason, your feed isn’t working properly on my Google home page. I need to figure out what’s up. I’m not seeing your posts until several days after they’re up. No bueno! 😦

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