Luckily, I am (usually) one of those people that can sleep anywhere and at the drop of a hat. I actually slept standing up once! I was notorious for sleeping in class in high school and college. Though, when I am stressed, I will sleepwalk. When I was in band, I would wake up in the middle of my bedroom (in proper marching position, mind you) marching the show. Oh, and when I started working as a cashier in high school, I would wake up to find myself using my bed as the scanner. All that is to say, if you are having trouble sleeping because of all the election hoopla or economic woes, take a look at this list for some bedtime snacks with tryptophan. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that your body needs to make seratonin, a chemical that promotes relaxation and improves mood.

Tryptophan-rich food + carbohydrate = restful sleep.

Sweet dreams!

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