Cream of Bulgur Wheat Casserole

bulgur casserole meal #1
Last Friday night: hearty casserole with some bursting-with-flavor ‘mater slices.
I know, it doesn’t look very appetizing, but don’t we know that looks can be deceiving?

bulgur casserole meal #2
Saturday morn: casserole with a fried egg and so-not-local grapes and cherries. Oh, and my cold brew iced coffee. Nummy, nummy. (I’ve been hanging out with a 1-year-old tonight.)

bulgur casserole meal #3
Sunday mornin’: casserole with fried egg and some caramelized apples. The apples came from the tree in the front yard.
I mean—not that very morning—they were sliced and frozen several weeks back.

These photos illustrate how an inexpensive, tasty dish can go a long way. This recipe for bulgur casserole, from the Bulgar Bugle, provided six delicious meals (three meals for two people). I made it with Bob’s Bon Appetetin’ cream of bulgur wheat and the beef stock I made in May. This casserole is a new comfort food. It feels nourishing.

And since I had to thaw more stock than I needed for the recipe, I used the remaining beef stock to cook 6 cups of bulgur. After it cooled, I spooned it into lined containers and put it in the freezer. Once it was frozen solid, I popped out the bulgur bricks, put them in a freezer bag (the freezer is packed and the bags fit better) and back in the freezer they go. Convenience food!

3 thoughts on “Cream of Bulgur Wheat Casserole

  1. Ah, another frozen stock user! I love making a huge batch of stock and freezing it in 4 cup quantities. So many recipes benefit from the addition of stock, but who wants to make a fresh pot of stock every time a recipe calls for it! Anyway, when we make stock, we make about 60 cups at a time…one time all vegetable, another time chicken. And it never goes to waste :-).

    I also got a smile out of your using fruits and veggies from your own garden for cooking. I love being able to just go outside to my garden for all the fresh herbs I could ask for. We’ve also got lemon, lime, clemantine. kumquat and grapefruit trees that come in very handy throughout the year. Yeah, I have an almond tree too, but I just can’t bring myself to net it in the spring and summer. It’s too pretty as a shade tree near our front patio. So the wasps are the only ones to make use of the almonds…although the bees enjoy the blooms in spring. I’d use cherry tomatoes in our cooking too, but my toddler eats them faster than I can get them off of the plants!

    Anyway, I loved your ideas for bulgar wheat. Until now I’ve only used it for making tabouleh. But now I’ll try your ideas as well.

  2. Thanks, Mary! rocks my world. I wish I could sew.

    Exiled Okie, wow are you lucky to have all that fresh citrus! Nice! What do you store you stock in? I had some jars bust on me because I foolishly over-filled them. =\ I was hoping to find some boxes like you can buy stock in at the grocery store. I haven’t had any luck, yet.

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