Colors of Summer

colors of summer $20
From the farmers’ market: okra, Cherokee purples, a couple ounces of Thai dragon peppers, an habanero pepper, peaches, white eggplant, and Mexican midget tomatoes from our garden

Mexican midgets
Mexican midgets from the garden. These things are prolific!

front garden
Our front garden. The back garden has been overtaken by various grasses. Here in the front we have the crazy Mexican midget (one plant!), ground cherries (more info on them in the next week or so…), several types of tomatoes that aren’t producing much, strawberries, dead purslane, several types of basil, oregano, and mint.

Bouquet of basil.

Pesto about to go in the freezer.

Mexican midget
Matt snagging a scarlet sign of summer.

4 thoughts on “Colors of Summer

  1. What beautiful pictures! I’m growing Mexican midgets this year, too, and they are definitely a keeper! Such great flavor. How’d you end up using the peppers?

  2. Thanks, Lewru.

    I pickled the okra this weekend and put a pepper in each jar. The rest of them I strung up to dry, and I’m not quite sure what I’ll do with them. Any ideas?

  3. Homemade chile powder perhaps? I also freeze them and use them throughout the year in soups and stews. Last night we used up a bunch from a jalapeno plant I had to pull up (bacterial spot on the leaves) so we had jalapeno poppers! They were baked, not fried, so I had slightly less guilt…

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