Hello! from San Diego

What a treat (and relief) it is to be in perfect 75˚ weather! Great timing because we were slowly cooking in Oklahoma. Matt and I are here for a mapping conference—the biggest in the world—to learn lots about new technology, refresh our knowledge, get a better grasp on some mapping concepts, tips for prettier maps, technical support, networking, etc. I bet we’ll have a little fun, too.

Last night we had supper at The Local.
the localA passerby told me it was a 1959 or ’60 El Camino, el-el-cam-in-o. The drinking hole is cute, though the trash cans are an eyesore in this photo.

drink local

And drink local, we did. I had a Green Flash West Coast IPA, which was mellow at first, then followed by distinct, almost 7-UP-like citrus notes; it was yummy, refreshing, and like no other beer I’ve had. Then I had a more conventional Stone Pale Ale. Matt had a Karl Strauss Red Trolley Ale and a AleSmith IPA. I’m sure there will be more where that came from.

fish tacos & lobster tacosLobster and fish tacos with a spicy cream sauce and plenty of cilantro.

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