Competitive Grocery Shopping

Shopping at the Oklahoma Food Co-op has become a competitive enterprise. The order opens promptly at 8:00 a.m. on the 1st of each month. Last month I didn’t sign on until 10:00 a.m., and to my dismay, all the chicken, bacon, eggs, and most fruits and vegetable were wiped out. There was still plenty to fill my cart, but I wanted some chicken, dammit! So today, like many co-op members, I was sitting at my computer at 7:52 a.m., refreshing my screen every minute—a modern version of that old Mervyn’s commercial with the woman, forehead against the window, chanting “Open. Open. Open. Open.”—determined to get some good grub. All 45 chickens were sold out within 15 minutes. You can bet a couple of those are mine.

Side note: Producers add quantity throughout the order cycle, so all hope is not lost. You just have to be vigilant about checking the “aisles” of our fabulous state grocery store.

One thought on “Competitive Grocery Shopping

  1. I KNOW! I got on at 11:30 and I was sorely disappointed! Still got some of the things in greater quantity and they added some eggs around 1 pm, but still. I guess the consumer side is growing way faster than the producing side…

    (PS: not sure how I found your blog originally, but I love it!)

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