Skillet Supper

Back in April I was marveling
at the vigorous potato plants.
potato plant
Once the foliage turned yellow and crispy, I cut it back. This is supposed to signal the potatoes to toughen up their skin. Then I waited 10 days before I dug them up. And what fun it was! Each potato I found was a little purple treasure.
And I even had an audience:
my garden friend
Anyone know what kind of snake this is?

I’ve read that the purple color comes from minerals in the soil. Hmmm… Anyone know about the validity of that? I don’t know what variety of potatoes these are. They were just labeled “potatoes” at Lowe’s.
potatoes! i grew potatoes!

We sliced the potatoes while diced bacon sizzled in the skillet. Once the bacon was almost crisp, we added the potato and garlic and a couple tablespoons of water; cover and cook for 10 minutes. Then we added lamb’s quarters and stirred it up, cooking until the greens wilted. DEEE-FREAKIN-LICIOUS! This recipe was adapted from this frittata recipe—we just left out the eggs.
skillet supper

One thought on “Skillet Supper

  1. I don’t have any answers for you on snakes or potatoes, but I must attest that the frittata recipe was taste-a-licious. Fun with tubers!

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