Summertime and the Eatin’ is Easy

It’s so easy to eat well in the summertime. There is fresh, local produce twice a week at the farmers’ markets, and a bountiful co-op order once per month. I’d like to say a heart-felt Thank You! to all the Oklahoma farmers.

I was watching some farmers and crafters set up their booths for Wednesday’s downtown market and I was trying to imagine what they were going through. We’ve been getting a ton of rain, so their crops must be growing like crazy. But, the rain can (and usually does) bring some nasty friends: lightning, crazy-ass winds, and hail. So, those prolific vines or bushes can be flattened in an instant and there goes the investment of time and money and wagered return. I know how heartbroken I feel to see my battered tomato plants, and I’m still in the “novelty” stage, not the “bread-and-butter” stage. A big downpour came through Wednesday morning. Luckily, the meteorologists were correct in their forecast: the storm was quick, albeit fierce, and was in and out in about 20 minutes and left beautiful blue skies and crisp air. But, what if the storm had stuck around all day? How dependent are the farmers on the market sales? Then again, how much does the market detract from the time needed to tend the farm? Between developing a market for the goods, learning how to market, creating marketing materials, hiring, firing, loading, hauling, greeting, small-talking, selling (but not being too pushy), and hauling the leftovers back home, how much time is actually left to be a farmer? Or has the job description for a “farmer” evolved to include those duties by default? How much of the farmer business is a catch-22? The chicken or the egg? You get my drift.

I am very thankful for our Oklahoma farmers that make it work. And I’m glad to support them.

A few pretty pictures from the past three weeks at the OSU-OKC Downtown Farmers’ Market. I spend around $15 dollars each week.

June 18th

June 11th

June 4th

2 thoughts on “Summertime and the Eatin’ is Easy

  1. Mmmm, great looking produce. It’s time to visit the Denton market, I do believe!

    Can’t wait to see you soon, my lovely foodie!


  2. Oooh, I hope that the produce is still alive and kickin’ by the time I get up to OK! I think the opposite is happening in Central Texas: really early heat that’s made for very hungry insects and struggling veggies. Hopefully they will bounce back. I think I need to visit the Farmer’s Market again, too! 🙂

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