Variety Meats

In some parts of the country the euphemism “variety meats” is used for mammal organ meat. Nice. I learn something new everyday.

I decided to be adventurous and ordered beef liver in the last co-op order. I’m reading Real Food and Planck talks about organ meats being good for us, so…I thought I’d give it a try. I am not yet adventurous enough for the brain, heart, tongue, or kidneys. I don’t know why that disturbs me any more than eating a butt, but it does.

My mom followed my grandma’s advice and dutifully ate liver and onions when she was pregnant with me. She was horrified when I told her that I was planning to make some.

I followed this recipe for the Absolute Best Liver and Onions. “Will turn liver haters into converts.” Ummmm…uh uh. Matt was a dear and ate the leftovers, although neither of us liked it much. I think I had liver and onions about 13 years ago in a Luby’s; I was hoping my taste buds had matured. I don’t think this is anything against the cow or the recipe, I just learned that I’m still not a liver fan. Well, not beef liver, anyway. I do love Braunschweiger, which is made from pig liver. I learned something else today!

beef liver
It came pre-sliced.

beef liver in milk
The liver soaked in milk to help with bitterness. I didn’t notice any bitterness. Not sure if that was because of the milk, of if it never had bitterness to begin with.

dredging the liver
Dredging the meat in a flour and spice mix.

liver & onions
I just couldn’t love the texture—too smooth or something.

One thought on “Variety Meats

  1. Nice use of pop-up links for your extra info. 🙂

    I’ve found so far that the only liver food I like is pate…QUALITY pate, that is. I was surprised to find I liked it, but it’s true. Mushy, grey, liver pate spread out on some crusty Italian bread gets my mouth a-watering!


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